Sherry vs Bourbon: Inside The World’s Most Popular Cask Types

Photo of CaskX Sherry vs Bourbon Casks. Hogsheads and Butt Casks.

Within the world of whisky, distillers utilize numerous types of casks. These differ depending on wood type, size, and the liquid previously held within. Each of these points greatly affects the whisky put in the cask, and alters the colour, depth, and final flavor of the whisky. Coming up, we’ll be releasing pieces on wood […]

Independent Bottlers & The Birth Of Cask Investment

Whisky investment is, as we’ve discussed, a relatively new type of investment. Bottles were all always available to drinkers but casks weren’t always readily traded. When it comes to casks, a large part of the industry is run by companies known as independent bottlers. With the biggest in Scotland, the IB (independent bottler) industry goes […]

Whisky Casks vs Bottles. What’s the best investment?

In the whisky world, bottle sales always make headlines. The current record holder is a bottle of Macallan Fine & Rare 1926 that sold on Sotheby’s for over $2 million USD. Bottle sale records set new heights each year at auctions, and the title has been held by Japanese producers, and Scotch makers for decades. […]

Getting Started As A Whisky Cask Investor

Investing in whisky today is one of the newest and most profitable alternative investments one can make. Beyond monetary profit, it’s an adventurous and fun investment. From bottles to casks, auctions records are broken every other month. The Macallan shines the most, most recently breaking the world record of most expensive bottle sold at auction. […]