A Brief History Of Bourbon Whiskey – The World’s Favorite Old-Fashioned Drink

What do Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Ava Gardner, and Abraham Lincoln have in common? They all appreciated a good glass of bourbon whiskey! Bourbon has been filling the cups of thirsty men and women since the 1700s. America’s Native Spirit has held steady in its position as the USA’s most treasured beverage for literally centuries […]

Chinese Artist Wang Xiaobo Builds Whisky Cask Investment Portfolio

Most recently, CaskX created a cask portfolio for famed Chinese contemporary artist, Wang Xiaobo, who himself is a long-time whisky fan.After several discussions, WangXiaobo decided to delve into cask investment by starting a new portfolio with brands he’s always enjoyed and others he’s wanted to try. Born in 1974 in Beijing, Xiaobo showed an interest […]

Single Malt Whisky vs. Single Cask: What’s The Difference

CaskX Single Cask vs Single Malt Whisky Investment Blog Post

The two categories in whisky are often discussed and enjoyed, but many do not know that the two are completely different. To confuse you, as single cask whisky is a single malt, and a single malt is made out of single casks. A single malt is “blended” together, but is not a blended whisky. As […]

OakY – Are Japan’s Mizunara Casks The World’s Rarest?

Japanese Whisky Mizunara Cask Investment from CaskX

Across the whisky industry, many different types of oak casks are used. Here we explored the two major casks categories of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. These utilize American oak and European oak casks, but what about other types of oak? Well, our OakY Series is here to explore all things wood and delve into the […]

Sherry vs Bourbon: Inside The World’s Most Popular Cask Types

Photo of CaskX Sherry vs Bourbon Casks. Hogsheads and Butt Casks.

Within the world of whisky, distillers utilize numerous types of casks. These differ depending on wood type, size, and the liquid previously held within. Each of these points greatly affects the whisky put in the cask, and alters the colour, depth, and final flavor of the whisky. Coming up, we’ll be releasing pieces on wood […]