Distillery Direct

Building strong long term relationships with distilleries around the world is a cornerstone of the CaskX investment platform. By working directly with distillers, CaskX is able to secure more lucrative and secure opportunities for investors. These connections also provide additional monetization strategies through distillery buy-backs and bottling arrangements.

Technology & Innovation

CaskX utilizes the latest technology, analytics, and innovation to allow clients to access the most relevant information in order to make quick, informed decisions. Easy and fast online access to cask portfolios is provided and a dedicated account manager is available at all times should any concerns or questions arise. Back-end processes are optimized with detailed investment modeling, data research, and opinions from seasoned experts to give investors the most educational and informative platform possible.

Integrity & Security

When it comes to building a whiskey cask portfolio, CaskX works diligently to protect investors by providing detailed documentation, secure storage facilities and continuous monitoring of each investment. All whiskey casks are stored in government regulated warehouses under the strict oversight of local governing bodies. Investors can expect complete transparency and full disclosure throughout the entire lifecycle of the investment.


CaskX strives to look beyond tasting notes and whiskey lingo, to see the true investment potential of cask offerings and the future market value of brands. The analysis of each opportunity looks at the historical growth of the distillery by analysing new releases, previous casks sales, and the brand’s position in the global industry. No doubt, whiskey is for drinking, but our approach looks beyond the liquid itself to evaluate investment metrics, expected profits, and long-term growth.

Global Reach. Local Support.

With offices in the United States, Sydney, and Hong Kong, CaskX strives to stay as close to clients as possible to provide timely help and support when they need it. These local offices are part of the CaskX commitment to developing long term relationships by connecting regularly with clients.