Sagamore Spirit 2024 Rye Whiskey Casks

Diversify Your Holdings With Rye Whiskey From An Exciting New Distillery

CaskX is proud to partner with Sagamore Spirit to offer investors the opportunity to invest in award winning rye whiskey casks.

CaskX is delighted to partner with Sagamore Spirit Distillery to offer exclusive access to a selection of newly distilled Rye Whiskey casks which have been carefully crafted using the same mashbill that has previously won more than 200 awards. The young age of the distillery combined with the backing by prominent business leaders makes these early rye whiskey batches well positioned to be among the most desirable expressions on the market upon reaching 6-10 years of age.

With the on-going whiskey boom, distilleries across the industry are running at full capacity and still have no remaining production available until late 2024 or beyond. This selection of Sagamore Rye Whiskey casks is the rare opportunity to immediately secure a portfolio of a world renowned spirit that is rising the ranks.

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