Green River Distillery

New 2024 Green River Barrel Investment Offerings Available Now

CaskX is proud to begin offering early access to Green River Distillery’s remaining Q4 2024 production. By placing a reservation prior to distillation, investors can ensure that they secure a portfolio of barrels from a distillery with a remarkable comeback story.

Don’t miss your chance to invest in a portfolio of full bourbon barrels from one of Kentucky’s oldest distilleries. The barrels will be distilled in 2024 using a wheated bourbon mash bill then placed into the barrel at 62.50% ABV. Barrels will then be stored securely in the distillery warehouse for aging.

These early production batches from the revitalized distillery are selling out quickly as they are expected to be highly prized expressions upon reaching 6-10 years of age. And with the bourbon boom placing barrels in higher demand than ever before, we don’t expect Green River barrels to last long.

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