BenRiach 2018

Award winning Speyside Single Malt with 11.8% growth per annum.

Invest In Casks From A High-Performing Distillery Known For Innovation & Rising In Global Demand

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your whisky portfolio with new make hogshead casks from the BenRiach Distillery. The casks were distilled in September 2018 and currently reside in a government bonded warehouse in Scotland. Prior to being filled, the casks underwent a de-charring and re-charring process which adds to the investment potential since it will allow the liquid to mature in less time.

This information pack shows:

  • Cask volume (OLA), alcohol by volume (ABV) and current bottle count.
  • General information about the BenRiach Distillery
  • Historical performance for the distillery and region.
  • Suggested exit strategies.
  • Comparable bottles from BenRiach.

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