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Jeremy Kasler in Millennium Magazine | Courtesy of Millennium

Just last week, CaskX CEO Jeremy Kasler chatted with writer Elyse Glickman of Millennium Magazine, and the resulting feature story was placed prominently on the website of the lifestyle magazine on Oct. 29, 2022.

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The CaskX feature was published on Oct. 29, 2022. | Courtesy

The article took an in-depth look at Kasler’s career trajectory that led him to start CaskX in 2019.

“Although luxury goods have been evolving into forms of commodity, Kasler hopes to make investing in spirits approachable and explain how they are investments beyond one’s personal bar and desire to make a good impression when entertaining at home and at work,” writes Glickman.

The story then leads into an interesting Q&A session that further sheds light on Kasler’s past businesses and future endeavors. Here are some highlights:

Millennium: How did your past career(s) prepare you for not only going the entrepreneurial route but also going into ultra-luxury categories that are often regarded as risky?

Jeremy Kasler: I started from a reasonably humble background. But one thing my parents and grandparents always instilled in me was that I was everyone’s equal. I should always aim high and always demand the best from everyone and everything. It’s OK to aspire to the best products, as my father always said, “Someone’s going to buy it, why not you?”

My parents also instilled in me a sense of adventure and an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives to this day. As a natural salesman, I’m drawn toward the ultra-luxury market for its quality of products and wide array of informed clients.

Millennium: Describe the process of vetting a distillery and the quality of its product before selecting it as a commodity, as well as vetting different whiskeys and bourbons.

Jeremy Kasler: The first thing we establish is: Does the distillery have a good track record? We do intensive due diligence looking at market feedback, popular opinion, taste, etc. Next, we have to establish if they can produce a consistent amount for our investors. We then have our Director of Whiskey, Sara Havens, go to the distillery for a site visit and to personally taste the bourbons and whiskeys they produce. If all the boxes are ticked, we move forward and attempt to negotiate a favorable price for ourselves and, therefore, our clients.

To read the full article, follow this link.

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