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The article was published on Feb. 22, 2022 on InsideHook.

On Feb. 22, InsideHook published an article on CaskX that has since gotten thousands of shares and hundreds of comments all over social media.

InsideHook is, in their words, “the go-to news and luxury lifestyle recommendation platform for the affluent, on-the-go gent.” So we were thrilled they chose to shine the spotlight on us even for a day.

The article is titled “Forget NFTs: CaskX Is Throwing Its Money Behind Actual Barrels of American Whiskey,” and it features an interview with CaskX CEO Jeremy Kasler, among other industry leaders.

One of the people featured in the piece is David Salmon, COO of Jackson Purchase Distillery in Kentucky, which CaskX is partnering with to purchase new-make bourbon for its investors.

Salmon had this to say:

“CaskX is not our only client, but I really like their business model — get everyday people access to barrels. You literally can’t get barrels of whiskey right now. Big distilleries aren’t going to sell you 5 or 10 barrels.” 

David Salmon, COO of Jackson Purchase Distillery, InsideHook

Kasler makes a great point to investors as to why they should choose whiskey over, say, NFTs or bitcoin.

“There’s almost no eight-year old bourbon right now, and if there is it’s at companies that need it for themselves or don’t need to sell it. Even four-year is increasingly rare. If I have 50,000 barrels of four-year old bourbon right now, from a good distillery, I could sell that in one phone call. That demand is so great, anyone with good stock could sell.”

Jeremy Kasler, CEO of CaskX, InsideHook

This article does a great job at explaining not only what CaskX does, but it also examines the current demand of the market from others’ perspectives.

To read the full piece, click here.

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