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The latest Whiskey Wash article on CaskX was published on Feb. 3, 2022.

Back in October, The Whiskey Wash, a prominent spirits website, published a piece about the inner workings of CaskX and bourbon investment. It was a great piece that really detailed the process for anyone curious about investing in whiskey.

The article was so successful, the news outlet decided to revisit the conversation with CaskX and came out with a longer piece this week titled “Interview: Chatting Bourbon Investment With CaskX CEO Jeremy Kasler.”

The Q&A-style article takes a deeper dive into investing and starting the process if you’re an accredited investor looking to purchase whiskey with CaskX.

Kasler explains:

“Investors start by opening an account with CaskX. After an account is opened, clients speak with an advisor about their individual investment objectives, desired holding period, risk tolerance and overall budget in order to make recommendations accordingly. When a suitable investment offering is identified and acquired, the investor is provided with full documentation of their purchase along with being able to access their portfolio from a web-based portal.”

Jeremy Kasler, CEO of CaskX

We get many inquiries on how, why and when to invest in whiskey, so we’re appreciative for an article that helps shed more light on our processes and methods.

We also thought it was important to point out that our early investors, who purchased Scotch whisky casks as an investment from CaskX, has seen an uptick in their investments.

Kasler notes:

“To date, every investor who has purchased Scotch whisky casks from CaskX has observed an increase in the value of their holdings. CaskX’s entry into barreled bourbon offerings was a result of careful analysis of the bourbon market and the desire among investors to access these investments. While the Scotch whisky industry has already observed a period of mass expansion and growth, the bourbon industry is only just now entering a period of rapid growth that is projected to parallel or even exceed that of Scotch whisky”

Jeremy Kasler, CEO of CaskX

To read the full article, click here.

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