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This week, CaskX was featured in a story by Spectrum News of Kentucky. CEO Jeremy Kasler sat down with reporter Erin Kelly to discuss barrel investment and how CaskX helps growing distilleries.

It was an honor to be featured on the highly respected Spectrum News, and we hope this helps further explain our intentions of offering bourbon as an investment opportunity.

This article is one of several on CaskX in the press in the last few months, and we’re excited to be a part of such an esteemed industry in Kentucky and beyond.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

The distillery (Kentucky Artisan), which has made bourbon for more than 30 clients, says it has doubled its production every year for the last five years. 

A warehouse holding 12,000 barrels is the fourth the business has built in four years. 

Now they’re able to pay for an expansion, thanks in part to a new client called CASKX, which the distillery says has already purchased more than 1100 barrels of unaged bourbon to sell to investors.

Chris Miller is the founder and distillery director of Kentucky Artisan Distillery. 

“We use their mash bill,” he said. “We produce the bourbons that they want. We produce it here, then we take it, we put it in our warehouse, we age it for five years.”

CASKX is an investment company with offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, L.A., and soon — Louisville. 

“CASKX helps to manage the investments so that we store them over a period of time, up to eight years and at the end of the eight years, you can either, if you wish to, bottle the bourbon yourself or normally, trade the barrels for a profit,” said CEO Jeremy Kasler. 

—Erin Kelly, reporter, Spectrum News | Sept. 3, 2021


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