Kentucky Artisan Distillery Wheated Bourbon Offering

“The Best Bourbon We’ve Ever Made” – Jade Petersen, Master Distiller

Jeremy Kasler at Kentucky Artisan Distillery

Invest In A Wheated Bourbon Portfolio That Is One Of The Best Kentucky Artisan Has Ever Produced

CaskX is pleased to announce our latest whiskey investment offering from the Kentucky Artisan Distillery — an outstanding distillery that is quickly making a name for themselves within the bourbon industry. Located just outside of Louisville in Crestwood, the Kentucky Artisan Distillery makes bourbon the traditional way, relying on distillers’ instincts and experience rather than computers and automated mechanics. Since opening in 2013, KAD became Kentucky’s first contract distilling operation and is now home to a range of popular bourbon brands.

The latest portfolio on offers the opportunity to invest in a wheated bourbon that is well-positioned to become a popular expression among whiskey fans. In fact, master distiller Jade Petersen called this bourbon the best that the distillery has ever made.

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