“The Global Shortage Of Single Malt Whisky & How Individual Investors Can Capitalize Today”

November 19th @ 4:00pm. Featuring Jon Reade.


  • Don’t miss the latest in our series of online livestreams to hear personal commentary from one of the world’s leading whisky investment experts.
  • Get a first hand perspective on the current state of the global whisky investment market.
  • Discover why current events and the economics of the whisky market is driving an unprecedented level of long-term investment from individual investors.
  • Learn about the current whisky investment opportunities available and where you should invest today.
  • Ask Jon questions during a live Q&A immediately following the presentation.

November 19th @ 4pm (Los Angeles)
November 19th @ 6pm (Chicago)
November 19th @ 7pm (New York)
November 20th @ 8am (Hong Kong)
November 20th @ 11am (Sydney)

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What will be discussed?

In this exclusive livestream event, Jon will help investors understand how current events are impacting the whisky market and how investors can capitalize on corresponding opportunities. We will walk through a ‘birds eye view’ to evaluate the state of the market and available investment products in an impartial way to really dig into what’s behind finding the best investment offerings.

Attendees will get a first-hand look at how Jon and his team carefully analyse data sources to identify the best whisky for investment today.

Who should attend?

If you’d like to learn more about the whisky market and whisky investment opportunities available now, this livestream will put you on the fast track to success. In just 60 minutes you will gain a wealth of knowledge that will allow you to make well informed decisions and start or grow a strong portfolio of whisky.

About Jon Reade, Managing Director, CaskX

Mr. Reade is one of the leading tangible asset investment specialists on the planet. By leveraging his proven strategies he has helped hundreds of investors around the globe protect wealth and generate consistent returns. For the past 5 years he has combined his passion for whisky and finance to identify whisky cask investment opportunities that insulate investors from the volatility of traditional asset classes.

What People Are Saying….

Michael from United States
Jon has the keen ability to identify investment opportunities before everybody else. His powerful insights allow clients to make outstanding returns year in and year out.

Maria from Hong Kong
Jon is a true whisky expert that understands the global market better than anybody else. Listening to his knowledge and recommendations will transform your portfolio.

Charles from Australia
The first seminar that shared real numbers and data to validate every recommendation. I’m glad I had a notepad handy as the 30-minute session was packed full of valuable information and detailed analysis of investment grade whisky.

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Limited registrations available. Registration required to receive livestream link. Reserve above.

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